Thrall 54’ “Coil Shield” Coil Car

ExactRail will preview the all-new HO Scale Thrall 54’ “Coil Shield” Coil Car at the National Train Show in Atlanta Georgia!

The Thrall 54' "Coil Shield" Coil Car is a signature prototype like few others.  In 1992, Conrail purchased a unique “well” style coil gondola, and they assigned it the equipment class G52S.   Through 1995, Conrail sought additional orders, and in that time, these cars were ascribed G52T, G52U and G52V classes.  In total, Conrail purchased nearly 750 coil shields.  These are one of the most recognizable—and quite frankly, one of the coolest freight cars of the contemporary era.

ExactRail has meticulously recreated the Thrall 54’ “Coil Shield” Coil Car in HO Scale.  With great attention, we have accurately captured the finite details of the prototype.  From the complex, exposed brake appliances of the B-end platform to the intricate multi-piece framework of the coil hood, this car will impress.

The model in the photograph is one of our early, pre-production test samples.  The model will be complete with etched metal walks with the appropriate “diamond” tread pattern, Kadee #58 couplers, and exceptionally accurate pad printing.   The model will be available in late 2013.

Along with our all-new Bethlehem 3483 Hopper, we look forward to previewing the Thrall 54’ “Coil Shield” Coil Car at the National Train Show in Atlanta, Georgia!  We hope to see you there!