With respect to N-scale, it has been our opinion that the detail of N-scale rollingstock is most compromised by the weight and dimension of the draft boxes. With my oversight of product development, one of our first projects was to offer N-scale modelers something better. The N-scale Trinity 64' TRINCool reefer is the first to include ExactRail's N-scale body mounted draft boxes! These draft boxes approach scale dimensions more closely than any other N-scale draft box of which we are aware. This is just the beginning.

In that spirit, ExactRail's N-scale Trinity Reefer is paving the way for a host of additional features which are also unprecedented. These features include separately applied coupler cut-levers and wire grab irons on the etched metal reefer platform.

ExactRail is proud of our new N-scale Trinity 64' TRINCool reefer. By paving the way with these innovations, it is our hope that N-scale will never be the same.

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Body Mounted
Draft Box
Seamless tooling, machined in the United States Accurately rendered UP Medallion Accurate height & weight of reporting marks and road numbers Etched metal platform, coupler cut levers & separately applied wire grabs

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