ExactRail attended the Western Prototype Modelers (WPM) Meet in San Bernardino, CA. With our attendance at the show, we showcased samples of two all-new models, the Evans 5277 Boxcar and the Pullman-Standard (P-S) 5344 Boxcar.

The Evans 5277 Boxcar will be available in five paint schemes: Burlington Northern (BN), Louisiana Midland (LOAM), Rock Island (ROCK), Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad Company (LEF), Railbox (RBOX).

The P-S 5344 will be available in six paint schemes: Bangor and Aroostook (BAR), Rock Island (ROCK), Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern (MNS), Milwaukee Road (MILW), Sandersville (SAN), and Texas Mexican (TM).

We anticipate releasing these models in late 2011. Specific information will be available in the announcements tab of our website.

We enjoyed ourselves a great deal at WPM. Our genuine compliments to WPM for having organized such a great event!