ExactRail is proud to have partnered with the Amherst Railway Society (ARS) to produce the 2012 commemorative car for the ARS Railroad Hobby Show!

The ARS 2012 Commemorative Car is ExactRail's all-new Thrall 2743 Gondola. With models available in HO and N-scale, the Amherst commemorative car is available only at the Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, MA!

Regarding our partnership with the Amherst Railway Society, John Sacerdote, Show Director Railroad Hobby Show had the following to say,

"The Amherst Railway Society Commemorative Car has a life of its own. We owe it to ExactRail. The demand for cars continues to grow as, for the first time ever, we are asked about the car well before the Show opens. Comments about the quality of the car are numerous and our response is simply that we have certainly found the right partner: our friends at ExactRail. In fact, we have already decided that ExactRail will be doing the 2013 car as well! It was not a hard decision. The entire process from design to receipt of the cars is a snap. We see this as a long term relationship and we look forward to seeing ExactRail at our 2012 event."

We are proud to have partnered with an organization that offers proceeds to benefit the Baystate Health Foundation and the Baystate Children's Hospital. Thank you to Amherst Railway Society for organizing a successful show that benefits others.

HO Scale Thrall 2743 Gondola (Click on an image to see it full-size.)
N Scale Thrall 2743 Gondola (Click on an image to see it full-size.)

To purchase the Amherst Belt Lines Thrall 2743 Gondola:
The Amherst Commemorative Car is only available through the Amherst Railway Society. If you would like purchase the Amherst Commemorative Car, please visit the ARS Company Store during the Railroad Hobby Show on January 28th and 29th.

The ARS Company Store is located in Reception Center of the Mallary Complex.
Amherst Belt Lines Thrall 2743 Gondola:
HO Scale: $25.00 N Scale: $25.00
Road #'s: Road #'s:
#201201 #201201
#201212 #201212
#201228 #201228
#201229 #201229

Come and visit ExactRail at the show and see our new announcements!

ExactRail, Booth #39, Better Living Center (BLC)
Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds
1305 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield MA 01089

We look forward to seeing you at the show!