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Monday December 14, 2009

Now Shipping! The ExactRail's N-Scale Series PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper, HO PC&F Beer Car, and HO PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper

For the first time ever in N-Scale!
New Release! N Scale PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper

The N-scale PS-2CD 4000 features:
  • The only N-scale PS-2CD 4000 designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • • Precision micro-tooled by prestigious CMT
  • CNC-machined 36" metal wheels sets
  • Photo-etched, stainless steel roof walks
  • • Precision brass train line details
  • • Numerous hand-applied and finely crafted details
  • • Razor sharp painting and printing
  • McHenry knuckle sprung coupler
  • • Fine scale, wire roof walk grab irons
  • • 10 innovative paint schemes, available in three road numbers each

Roads Numbers
SP: EN-50601-1: 493403 EN-50601-2: 493428 EN-50601-3: 493522
ATSF: EN-50604-1: 301526 EN-50604-2: 301549 EN-50604-3: 301562
CGW: EN-50606-1: 7003 EN-50606-2: 7015 EN-50606-3: 7019
ICG: EN-50607-1: 728002 EN-50607-2: 728061 EN-50607-3: 728078
MILW: EN-50608-1: 98253 EN-50608-2: 98267 EN-50608-3: 98271
WAB: EN-50609-1: 32015 EN-50609-2: 32028 EN-50609-3: 32036
NW: EN-50610-1: 290523 EN-50610-2: 290534 EN-50610-3: 290555
SOU: EN-50611-1: 6217 EN-50611-2: 6229 EN-50611-3: 6251
BN: EN-50612-1: 450124 EN-50612-2: 450139 EN-50612-3: 450156
NP: EN-50613-1: 75658 EN-50613-2: 75661 EN-50613-3: 75664

As the first-ever to tool an N-scale PS-2CD 4000! ExactRail continues its trend of innovation with this exciting new release.

Built between 1962 and 1964, the PS-2CD 4000 covered hopper is one of the earliest contemporary-type covered hoppers. Graced in the classic billboard-style paint schemes and designed with circular hatches, this car stands out from all other exterior post hoppers.

As the only N-scale PS-2CD 4000 machined and tooled in the United States, ExactRail is pleased to release this car with an all new list of innovative features, including: CNC-machined 36" N-scale metal wheel sets, etched metal roof walks, McHenry sprung knuckle couplers, fine-scale grab irons at the rook walk, brass trainline details, and the finest precision detail available.

We love what we do, and we value your support as we offer innovative new products to the industry in unprecedented fashion.

All-New Platinum Series Beer Car!
New Release! HO Scale Beer Car

The PC&F Beer Car features:
  • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • • Precision Micro-tooled
  • • ExactRail's CNC-machined metal wheels sets
  • ExactRail's equalized 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
  • • Numerous hand-applied and finely crafted details
  • • Razor sharp painting and printing
  • Wire coupler cut lever bars and separately applied air hoses

Roads Numbers
SP: EP-80500-1: 691649 EP-80500-2: 691658 EP-80500-3: 691667
ATSF: EP-80502-1: 625325 EP-80502-2: 625333 EP-80502-3: 625370
BN: EP-80503-1: 747410 EP-80503-2: 747423 EP-80503-3: 747439
WP: EP-80504-1: 67042 EP-80504-2: 67044 EP-80504-3: 67049
RBCS: EP-80505-1: 3065 EP-80505-2: 3076 EP-80505-3: 3098

Beginning in 1977, Pacific Car and Foundry (PC&F) released a heavily insulated refrigerator car with internal, air-bag loading devices and 20" travel, sliding-sill underframe. These cars affectionately became known as "Beer Cars" for the refreshing cargo that they frequently carried.

ExactRail has engineered and tooled the most accurate version of the PC&F Beer Car ever! As the third release in our ground breaking Platinum Line, ExactRail's PC&F Beer Car is complete with exclusive features, including: stand-apart door tracks, separately applied door bars, wire-formed coupler cut levers, separately applied air hoses, stand-off brake rigging, drop down brake rods, wire formed brake clevis hangers, precision 'scale' draft boxes--which include shank-wedge, striker casting, cover plate and bolt details. As with all ExactRail products, the PC&F Beer Car is complete with CNC-machined metal wheel sets and ExactRail's equalized ASF 100 ton Ride Control trucks. With our new Platinum series Beer Cars, ExactRail satisfies your demands with the precision you desire.

Refresh your rollingstock with the most innovative manufacturer in the industry, update your rollingstock with ExactRail's Platinum Series PC&F Beer Car.

Factory installed Kadee couplers,
and 7 all-new paint schemes!

New Release! HO Scale 4427

The PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper features:
  • • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • • Precision micro-tooled
  • • ExactRail's CNC-machined metal wheel sets
  • • ExactRail's equalized ASF 100 ton Ride Control trucks
  • • Stainless steel, etched-metal roof walks and cross-over walks
  • • Free-standing wire details
  • • Hand-applied details
  • • Accurate fonts and lettering placement
  • • Razor sharp painting and printing
  • Factory installed Kadee #58

Roads Numbers
D&RGW: EP-80159-1.1: 15005 EP-80159-2.1: 15009 EP-80159-3.1: 15013
  EP-80159-4.1: 15018 EP-80159-5.1: 15026 EP-80159-6.1: 15031
MILW: EP-80159-1.2: 98325 EP-80159-2.2: 98329 EP-80159-3.2: 98331
  EP-80159-4.2: 98337 EP-80159-5.2: 98346 EP-80159-6.2: 98358
BNSF: EP-80166-1: 412629 EP-80166-2: 412631 EP-80166-3: 412635
  EP-80166-4: 412638 EP-80166-5: 413102 EP-80166-6: 414536
Beacon EP-80161-1: 2655 EP-80161-2: 2656 EP-80161-3: 2657
WM: EP-80162-1: 4661 EP-80162-2: 4669 EP-80162-3: 4673
  EP-80162-4: 4677 EP-80162-5: 4682 EP-80162-6: 4686
ADM: EP-80160-1: 3112 EP-80160-2: 3113 EP-80160-3: 3126
  EP-80160-4: 3128 EP-80160-5: 3133 EP-80160-6: 3135
ATSF: EP-80165-1: 302103 EP-80165-2: 302109 EP-80165-3: 302111
  EP-80165-4: 302114 EP-80165-5: 302122 EP-80165-6: 302127
  EP-80165-7: 302130 EP-80165-8: 302136 EP-80165-9: 302145
  EP-80165-10: 302148 EP-80165-11: 302152 EP-80165-12: 302159

The Pullman Standard 4427 low-hip covered hopper is a classic of North American railroading, and it is masterfully recreated for you by ExactRail. With an etched stainless steel roof walk, finely crafted brake rigging, separately applied air hoses, wire retainer valve lines, grab irons and coupler cut levers, we've left nothing to be or ever.

ExactRail precision engineers for performance as well. The PS-2CD 4427 is complete with ExactRail's own equalized and prototypically correct ASF 100-Ton Ride Control trucks, precision CNC-machined 36" wheels, and now includes Kadee #58 scale knuckle couplers.

We love what we do, and we value your support as we offer innovative new products to the industry in unprecedented fashion.

Thank you for your business and happy railroading!


John Pestana – Co-Founder

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