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Thursday October 29, 2009

New Product Announcements: Gunderson 5200 Box Car & PC&F Beer Car

ExactRail Platinum Series
ExactRail announces the release of the new PC&F Beer Car in the ExactRail Platinum Series. Refresh your layout with the most innovative manufacturer in the industry and update your rolling stock with ExactRail’s PC&F Beer Car. The PC&F Beer Car will be available for purchase early December 2009. To purchase your cars or to find an ExactRail Authorized Dealer, please visit

PC&F Beer Car
ExactRail Platinum Series
Scale: HO
MSRP: $29.95

PC&F Beer Car (HO Scale)

Roads Numbers
Southern Pacific (SP): 691649 691658 691667
Missouri Pacific (MP): 793000 793008 793011
Santa Fe (ATSF): 625325 625333 625370
Burlington Northern (BN): 747410 747423 747439
Western Pacific (WP): 67042 67044 67049
Burlington Northern (RBCS): 3065 3076 3098

Beginning in 1977, Pacific Car and Foundry (PC&F) released a heavily insulated refrigerator car with internal, air-bag loading devices and 20" travel, sliding-sill underframe. These cars affectionately became known as "Beer Cars" for the refreshing cargo that they frequently carried.

ExactRail has engineered and tooled the most accurate version of the PC&F Beer Car ever! As the third release in our ground breaking Platinum Line, ExactRail's PC&F Beer Car is complete with our exclusive stand-apart door tracks, separately applied door bars, wire-formed coupler cut levers, and separately applied air hoses. With stand-off brake rigging, drop down brake rods, wire formed brake clevis hangers, and CNC-machined ASF 100 ton Ride Control trucks, ExactRail satisfies your demands with the precision you desire.

ExactRail Express Series
ExactRail also announces the release of the all new Gunderson 5200 Box Car in the ExactRail Express Series. With the ExactRail Express Series, ExactRail brings precision and innovation to you for less. The 5200 Box Car will be available for purchase early December 2009. To purchase your cars or to find an ExactRail Authorized Dealer, please visit

Gunderson 5200 Box Car
ExactRail Express Series
Scale: HO
MSRP: $19.95

Gunderson 5200 Box Car (HO Scale)

Roads Numbers
Spokane Portland & Seattle (SP&S): 318301 318309 318315
Southern Pacific (SP): 225501 225539 225560
  225678 225783 225969
Burlington Northern (BN): 318400 318438 318456
  318494 318512 318569
Chessie System (B&O): 475500 475546 475599
Louisville & Nashville (L&N): 102005 102058 102099
Gulf Mobile & Ohio (GM&O): 50105 50116 50124

Built in the late sixties and early seventies, the Gunderson 5200 is a classic-looking boxcar with modern appeal. Constructed near the end of the internal post, double sheathed box car era, the straight sill and centered YSD 8ft doors lends itself to clean modern symmetry on a car with vintage aesthetics.

Faithful to the prototype, ExactRail reproduces the Gunderson 5200 with accurate 4/4 corrugated ends, non-overhanging roof, notched sill, and double 8' doors. Furthermore, ExactRail matches the correct ASF 70 Ton Ride Control or Barber 70 Ton S-2 trucks of the BN, SP and SP&S prototypes with ExactRail's exclusive equalized trucks and CNC-machined wheels.

Always innovative, ExactRail cars are precision engineered and tooled to the highest quality standards. Please return frequently to for news, announcements and new product releases.

We appreciate your business and happy railroading!

John Pestana – Co-Founder

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